The 2020 Career Connect Washington Progress Report to Governor Inslee and the Legislature was submitted in September.

Accomplishments include:

9 Regional Networks established to serve as career connected learning hubs in their regions
9 Career Connected Learning coordinators hired by Educational Service Districts to assist K-12 partners to increase the number of K-12 students participating in high-quality career connected learning
10,000 total enrollees projected, exceeding Year 1 target of 8,400 by 19%
1,800 new enrollees under the age of 30 in Career Launch and Registered Apprenticeship programs projected for 2019/20
1,145 new apprentices under the age of 30 enrolled in Registered Apprenticeship programs 3
228 students under the age of 30 enrolled in newly endorsed Career Launch programs in first two quarters
22 Intermediaries funded to expand or develop programs in manufacturing, agriculture/food processing, automotive maintenance, construction, health care, hospitality, information technology, and maritime
trades, creating 400+ Career Launch slots in Year 1 of implementation and 800+ slots in Year 2
21 new apprenticeship programs registered by the
Washington State Training and Apprenticeship Council4
28 new Career Launch programs endorsed
$14.4 million distributed to regions to expand career
connected learning
150+ employers engaged in Career Explore, Prep, and
Launch programs